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Mail Services
Running a busy shop is a full-time job. We understand this and want to make sending out your newsletter promptly each quarter as easy as possible. That's why we also offer to mail your newsletters for you.

For many of our clients, postage costs for their newsletters are higher than the newsletter production itself. In printing, the higher your quantity, the lower your per-piece cost. Unfortunately, Uncle Sam doesn't use this same type of scale. We offer a solution that saves on your mailing costs while freeing your staff from the time-consuming job of preparing your newsletters for mailing.

Save on postage with automated rates
You can save on business mail postage by qualifying for lower automated rates. This requires investing in Post Office-approved software — something most business don't want to do as it's hard to justify the expense. That's where we come in.

When you send us your database on diskette or via email (, we run it through our software. This process not only attaches the "+4" ZIP code and required bar code, but can also check for duplicate addresses or incorrect addresses. This saves you even more since you won't waste money printing unneeded newsletters or unnecessary postage. As an added plus, automated mail gets handled much faster, like first class, for prompt delivery to your customers.

What our mailing services include
Besides saving you money on the actual postage costs, using our mailing services saves you quite a bit on labor and other related costs.

If your staff has to label each newsletter by hand, just imagine how long that takes. But that's not all. After they're labeled, your staff has to sort, bundle, and tray all the newsletters per the Post Office's often-confusing regulations. Don't forget how long it took someone to prepare those labels, tying up a computer and printer in the process. Then there's also the cost of buying labels... See? It can get quite expensive mailing your own newsletters.

We do all of that for you! All you need to do is send us your address database. We process the addresses; print the labels; affix them to the newsletters; sort, bundle, and tray them; fill out the appropriate paperwork; and deliver them to the Post Office.

Sending us your list
Sending us your database is probably easier than you think. Our postal software will read all the major database formats. For a printable information sheet on this, click here. If you're not sure whether you can export your database, just give us a call at 727-443-5263. We can walk you through the necessary steps.




Mail Services


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As a full graphic arts company, we can create all types of promotional material. For instance, post cards are a great and inexpensive way to promote a special event. Need an shop brochure or business stationery? Print ads for the newspaper or yellow pages? Web site? With Quill & Mouse Studios, you have a complete design shop at your disposal.


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