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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The following are frequently asked questions by shops considering a custom newsletter, along with the corresponding answers. If you have a question not covered below, send us an email and we'll be happy to promptly respond.

Why should I consider a shop newsletter?
Ask yourself these questions:
. Do you want more customer reactivation?
. Would you prefer less procrastination from your customers?
. Would you benefit from more customer referrals?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should be doing a shop newsletter. Designed to be read in about ten minutes or less, your newsletter increases customer awareness while being entertaining and educational. It also enables you to promote any area of your shop effectively while encouraging referrals.

How often should a newsletter go out?
A quarterly newsletter is usually the best frequency rate. It allows for regular communication with your customers without overwhelming your shop. Publishing dates should be timed to take advantage of prime promotional periods (back to school, seasonal maintenance needs, slack times). Your customers will look forward to them.

How is Quill & Mouse Studions, Inc. different from other newsletter services?
Every square inch of your newsletter is written just for you. "Canned" newsletters can't reflect your shop. Putting your name on a newsletter doesn't ensure your views are getting across to your customers. We're very service oriented. We want your newsletter to truly be your newsletter.

How will you know what to write each issue?
Because you tell us! During an initial set-up interview, we find out what makes your shop unique. We get your viewpoint and write articles specifically with your shop in mind, based on your services and addressing your concerns and interests.

In your Newsletter Start Kit, you'll receive a Master Topic List. Make a photocopy and when we remind you it's time to get started on the next issue, fax it over to us with your article choices. Or if you prefer, you may write your own articles and fax them to us. Many of our clients are taking advantage of our Newsletter ExpressT program. If you sign up for this free service, instead of sending us your article choices, we review your past few issues and put together a proof for you. Of course, if you want different articles, just tell us and we'll make any necessary changes. Newsletter Express just helps you get your newsletter started. 

May I use my logo on my newsletter?
You bet! We'll incorporate your logo, your photograph (you can have as many as three photographs per issue at no additional cost) - whatever you want. If you don't have a shop logo, we can help. As a full design shop, we can create a professional logo for your shop.

Can I use my own testimonials?
Not only do we encourage your personal "success stories," we'll help you get them! Just have your customer call us toll free and we'll interview them by phone, then write the story for you! When appropriate, you can send us a photo of the customer as well.

How much of our time will a newsletter require?
If you use Quill & Mouse Studios, Inc., very little - that's the whole point. Most likely, if you're not producing a consistent in-house newsletter, it's because of lack of time. We solve that. Our set-up phone interview takes about 30-45 minutes and we schedule it at your convenience. We want to be thorough and learn as much as we can about your shop. Then, for each issue, we'll contact you to find out what topics you're currently interested in. All you'll need to do after that is read over your proofs until your newsletter is just the way you want it.

How will my newsletters arrive?
To make things easier, most of our clients have us mail their newsletters for them. Send us your database on diskette or via email and we'll do the rest. (See our Mail Services page for more details.) We ship any extra copies to your office to pass out to new customers (we recommend always ordering about 100 more than you're mailing for this purpose).

If you prefer, we can ship your entire order to you, and your staff can label and mail your newsletters instead.

How much will my newsletter cost?
Surprisingly, usually less than if you did it on your own! More and more these days, businesses are finding it more economical to outsource projects that require unique talent and/or equipment. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to build a shop. Newsletters are an economical way to maintain it. You can get new customers, but if you don't keep them coming in, your shop won't continue to grow. Your newsletter can build customer loyalty, increase shop visits, encourage referrals, and expand the range of requested services.

Our prices are based on the quantity you order and the size of the newsletter. We offer payment plans to fit your budget, and for your convenience, you can pay with MasterCard or Visa if you prefer.




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If you haven't taken the time to develop an eye-catching logo, you're missing out on a very important marketing tool. A logo provides a unifying graphic element that identifies a business. It should be on stationery and all marketing pieces; from outdoor signage, to ads, to your newsletter.

We can create an effective logo for you. Send us an email or call us at 727-443-5263.


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