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Did you know you're sitting on a gold mine?
Your database of existing clients is just that! As an automotive shop, you can greatly benefit from mailing a regular newsletter to your customers. It's the perfect way to educate your customers about the many services you offer and why they're so important. It's also a great way to remind customers to come in for their regular maintenance. Here are some other great reasons to send out a shop newsletter.

shop photoWe make producing a regular shop newsletter easy and painless. It starts with an in-depth interview with you so we learn about you and your business. Then each issue is created with your shop in mind. These aren't canned newsletters with your name thrown on. Each one is custom crafted just for your shop! Right down to the nameplate you pick the name for your newsletter and we create a unique nameplate just for you.

With each issue, we do as much or as little of the writing as you'd like. We know how to write articles that are easy to understand and interesting to read. (Click here for a PDF of our current Master Topic Sheet. Use this to fax us your article choices. We're always adding articles to our library so if you don't see a particular topic, just let us know.)

If you want to feature customers in your newsletter, we'll interview them by phone. To personalize your newsletter even more, you can include up to three photographs in each issue at no additional cost. Once we've completed your newsletter, our service doesn't stop there. Check out our Mail Services page for more details.

Ready to start?
Ask for a Newsletter Starter Kit. In it you'll find information about our services, pricing, samples, and a master topic list. Click here to request your starter kit or call us at 727-443-5263.

Newsletter advantages:
Educate your customers with your newsletter. Tell them about the importance of regular preventative maintenance on their vehicle. Let them know about the many services offered at your shop.

Introduce staff, announce additions of new equipment, and cover any office news or policy.

Include customer success stories (testimonials). They serve as a written form of word-of-mouth advertising the best there is!

Encourage referrals of new business with a referral contest and/or including a "care to share" card in your newsletter.

Re-activate customers who haven't been in for awhile. Be sure you mail your newsletter to everyone who has been in for service or repair over the last two to three years.

Use your newsletter to stay in touch regularly with your customers. If you don't communicate to them, your competitors will! Keep your name in their minds with a quarterly mailing. Plus, by including informative articles, you show your customers you care about more than just their business you care about them!




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Be sure to give us a call or visit our web services site. As a complete design shop, we can build a site that's just for you — not like you'll find with those "template" based companies. Plus, as a newsletter client, you'll be allowed to reprint articles from your newsletter on your website.


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